Aquanote, and Down To The Bone, chosen by Paul

4 09 2011

Aquanote ~ One Wish ~ Naked Records ~ 2002

Aquanote was a 2002 project Gabriel René who’s dad was a West Coast jazzman, so he was surrounded by jazz-funk and soul while growing up. His first direct musical experience came in 1995, when he formed Soulstice (with Andy Caldwell), a San Francisco band that blended programmed house with the live feel of acid jazz. The group released an album on the Om label (Illusion), and René began writing songs for a solo project. He was then signed to the like-minded label Naked Music, which specializes in a fusion of jazz, funk, and house. For his Aquanote debut, 2002’s The Pearl, René called on an array of musician contacts he’d made around San Francisco, as well as a half-dozen female vocalists – on this track I believe it’s a lady called Omega Brooks

Down To The Bone ~ Cut and Run ~ Dome Records ~ 2011

My turn to play a track from the latest Down To The Bone ~ The Main Ingredients album on Dome Records and I’ve gone for the final track Cut and Run – which is, I’d suggest, just that – a blow out at the end! I know Steve’s been wondering how to catagorise this album – I’ve seen it described as Funk and Groove, which sounds great to me.

CLICK here to get the show




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