Steve wraps up Show 97 with Dimitri from Paris, MFSB, and Young & Company

6 09 2011

Dimitri from Paris ~ Free Ton ~ Yellow Productions ~ 1997

From his 1997 DMC album ‘The De-Luxe House Of Funk’ , also the albums ‘Sacrebleu’ and ‘Sacre Francais’ and the single ‘Dirty Larry’ a year earlier, comes this track that samples a couple of very well known tracks and manages to ramble in a highly pleasing fashion. So with such strong, famous tracks sampled, I just had to put this mix together and bring all the elements into one place. What a bad decision that turned out to be as the tracks’ key clashes make it sound worse that I’d imagined it might have been. Oh well, at least I still have the perfect sounding mix in my head.

MFSB ~ Mysteries Of The World ~ TSOP/Philadelphia International ~ 1980

Produced by Dexter Wansell, for my money this was one of their best ever releases.

Young & Company ~ I Like (What You’re Doing To Me) ~ Brunswick US/Excalibur UK ~ 1980

I know we’ve played this before and fairly recently too, but if we had a show that didn’t allow the odd indulgence, it would be time to hang up the headphones.

Here’s the whole show courtesy of Podomatic




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