Sherrick, Slave, and High Fashion, selected by Steve

10 09 2011

Sherrick ~ Just Call ~ Warner Bros ~ 1987

From his eponymous album that saw this single hit the US R&B charts big time, reaching #8, it was his one and only R&B hit. Unfortunately he had suffered drug addiction for periods during his career, which undoubtedly stopped him becoming a major artist. He died aged 41 in 1999. #23 UK

Slave ~ Feel My Love ~ Atlantic ~ 1980

A single taken from their classic album ‘Stone Jam’, it failed to ignite the charts. However someone it does light up is DJChillz, a regular in the chatroom, so thgis goes out especially to him.

High Fashion ~ Feelin’ Lucky Lately ~ Capitol ~ 1982
This should have been the BB&Q Band or Change, it really does sound that similar. Not that it should be any surprise, as all three bands were the brainchild of Jacques Fred Petrus and had Mauro Malavasi as the musical main man (at different times).

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