Chantal Curtis, TJM, and Baby O, as chosen by Steve

11 09 2011

Chantal Curtis ~ Get Another Love ~ Trema France/Pye UK ~ 1979

For someone who had a single entitled ‘Hit Man’ it’s ironic that she was supposedly murdered by her boyfriend, some six years after making this Disco classic. A one off hit, none the less it’s a track that rates right up there among the very, very best of the genre and still sounds incredibly fresh, even today. Tell me, how many Disco tracks did you ever come across with harmonica as a lead instrument? #51 UK

TJM ~ Small Circle Of Friends ~ Casasblanca ~ 1979

The more I hear this, the more I’m amazed that it never really caught on. Why? TJM stood for Thomas Jerome Moulton, just about THE most famous remixer of all time, the man who ‘invented’ the 12” disco mix and this was from his one and only solo album. It had all the right ingredients except maybe that ‘magic stardust’ he managed to dust so many records with, and yet…

Baby O ~ In The Forest ~ Baby O US/Calibre UK ~ 1980

Where to start with this track? I was still playing it on a fairly regular basis in 1984, that’s how much I loved it and yet apart from its initial flourish of dancefloor and chart action when first released, I never thought it quite achieved the level of acceptance it deserved. The trombone and guitar solos are A1 , absolute, killers. #46 UK

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