Carl Carlton, Fatback, and Kirk Thorne, championed by Steve

13 09 2011

Carl Carlton ~ She’s A Bad Mama Jama (She’s Built, She’s Stacked) ~ 20th Century ~ 1981

It wasn’t that often as a DJ, you’d hear a track for the first time and get a warm fuzzy feeling, but that’s exactly what happened with this. Why it isn’t up there with all the other classic goodtime, party jams that everyone and his dog dances along to at any party, anywhere, is just beyond me, but it isn’t. #2 R&B US, #34 UK

Fatback ~ Backstrokin’ ~ Spring US/Polydor UK ~ 1980

Their biggest R&B hit in the USA, attaining the number three position, it has to be said that the US didn’t go for the band in a big way, which I’ve always found to be one of the great mysteries in life. Maybe they just weren’t ‘hard’ enough for the US market or maybe they didn’t have the right promotion over there? Who knows? #41 UK

Kirk Thorne ~ Mr. Magic ~ Champagne ~ 1981

First released in late 1981 by Champagne Records on a special 12” EP entitled ‘Pre-Mixture’ it was subsequently picked up by small independent, JKO Records in 1985 for solo release and that’s when I managed to obtain a copy. It goes out especially to all men everywhere who ‘big up’ themselves (you know what I’m talking about) and ladies, you can just have a good old laugh, alright?

* There was no video available so Steve did this one and uploaded it so the World could find this classic grove. Please click through to YouTube and give it a thumbs up and help spread the word.




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