Steve starts Show 99 with Atmosfear, Starpoint, and Attitude.

17 09 2011

Atmosfear ~ Cuts Like A Knife ~ Elite Records ~ 1986

A piece of British electro kicks things off for me this week. I always thought this was super rhythmic but although I played it a fair amount, it never really did the business on the dancefloor for me, here on the South coast.

* note from Paul ~ Can’t find a video (will Steve do one?) so here’s a picture of someone’s white label – nice to see it’s not just scribbled on like mine used to be!

Starpoint ~ Object Of My Desire ~ Elektra Records ~ 1984
The band formed in 1978 and had their first release in 1980. They racked up ten albums in the ‘80s and numerous singles, with twelve singles making the R&B top 40, this being their joint biggest R&B hit making #8.

Attitude ~ We Got The Juice ~ RFC/Atlantic Records ~ 1983

A group conceived by David Frank and Mic Murphy of The System fame, although fairly well received by clubbers, they never scored any major hits. Frank & Murphy wrote and produced the track, as they did with six of the seven tracks on the album ‘Pump The Nation’ from which it was lifted.

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