Melba Moore, Deodato, and Webster Lewis, selected by Steve

19 09 2011

Melba Moore ~ Pick Me Up I’ll Dance ~ Epic Records ~ 1978

With a 12” mixed by John Luongo and production by McFadden and Whitehead, this has to be one of my very favourite Disco singles of all time. It oozed so much class was one of those tracks that just sound ‘right’. However, here we have a different version that omits a rather fascinating ‘hose pipe being twirled’ sound that had me hooked onto the 12”. #48 UK May ‘79.

Deodato ~ Happy Hour ~ Warner brothers ~ 1982

From the Warner Bros LP ‘Happy Hour’, with vocals by Kelly Barretto, (that’s something I never knew BITD), this brings back some particularly happy memories for me. For some reason, it made me feel 110% whenever I played it. I trust is will have a good effect on you, too.

Webster Lewis ~ You Deserve To Dance ~ Epic Records ~ 1979

From his album ‘8 for the 80s’ produced by Herbie Hancock. He had worked as a session musician and arranger with the likes of Herbie and Barry White prior top landing his recording contract with Epic in 1976.

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