Steve does Galaxy!

21 09 2011

Right, now we have a mix of four tracks that either are War – Galaxy or use samples from it. Of all the funky disco singles I played, Galaxy just has to be up there in the upper, upper echelons of the genre, so far as I’m concerned. The 12” remix by Manny Slali (DJ at Studio One, Los Angeles) was nothing short of a revelation, that turned a very good yet ‘lacking something’ album track into an absolute monster sounding, floor filling, anthem of a track.

War Galaxy 2000 (Plump DJs remix) 1999 Finger Lickin’ UK.
Plump DJs are Andy Gardner and Lee Rous from London, with this remix of the War classic being released in the same year they gained notoriety. Quick off the marks or what? To this day they are still producing original material, playing out and remixing.

Helicopter – On Ya Way ~ 1993 ~ Tic Tac Toe, Tic Tac Toe Records UK.
Helicopter were Dylan Barnes (who went on to form Sunflower Records) and Simon Ratcliffe (who went on to become a member of Basement Jaxx). The mix here out of Galaxy 2000 runs for an eternity, so listen closely. #32 UK August 1994, On Ya Way (1996) #35

Kelly Price – And You Don’t Stop.
Released in May this year, I’m so glad I discovered this track a few weeks back, as her voice is simply stunning and so pure.

War – Galaxy (original 12” mix) 1978 MCA Records.
The original, the best.#5 R&B US, #14 UK.

Plus rare live footage from 1979

You can still hear the whole two hours! CLICK HERE for the Podomatic podcast of Gold Show 99




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