Down To The Bone, Barry K Sharpe ft Diana Brown, and the Ju-Par Universal Orchestra mixed by Steve

28 09 2011

When Acid Jazz was THE music, I wasn’t listening to any music outside the recordings I was doing and so it completely passed me by, much to my chagrin. Down To The Bone are certainly a band I would have got into much sooner if I had been listening to other stuff. It’s not that often that I’ll hear a track and immediately rush to Amazon and buy it. In the case of Masterplan, even that wasn’t really possible as the version available was only a short, slightly ‘mucked about with’ remix/remake, so the hunt was on. Eventually, I tracked it down on a CD and after even more searching secured a second hand copy of it. Funky music is one of those ‘secret weapon’ kinda tracks, that I had on 7” import and the sort of track that undoubtedly influenced Acid Jazzers, more specifically the clavinet sound in Masterplan almost sounds like it sampled the Ju-Par Orchestra.

OOOPS – no vid for the Down To The Bone track 😦

You can still hear the whole show CLICK HERE for the Podomatic Podcast of Show 100




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