Incognito, Jestofunk, and Wilton Felder, mixed by Steve

8 10 2011

Incognito – Pyramids – Talkin’ Loud records.

From their album, Tribes, Vibes and Scribes released in 1992 comes this rather bright and breezy piece of acid jazz, which after the rather atmospheric intro comes as a bit of a surprise.

DOH! No video to be found – except for a few “play-along” vids by bass players – damn these people can do their stuff!

Jestofunk – Theme From JFK 1995 IRMA Italy.

The album first named ‘Love In A Black Dimension’, then became’ Love In A Gold Dimension’ for some reason and none other than Fred Wesley made a guest appearance on it. Anyhoos, this has a slowed down sample of Herbie Hancock’s ‘I Thought It Was You’ burbling throughout with nice sax in parts and is all about the groove. Jestofunk were three italian guys who started the project in 1992 with a mission to blend older jazz and funk with house beats.

Another video problem – I can only find one and it’s only been up for a few hours – so it may be gone when you get here!

Wilton Felder – Let’s Dance Together ABC Records 1978.

I believe I’m right in saying this was his first single release and it was one I particularly enjoyed playing at my then residency. To my ears, the overall sound is more akin to a Brothers Johnson vibe than anything the crusaders might have put out…until the electric piano and sax solos put any such thoughts fairly and squarely to bed.

… hey, guess what? No video AGAIN STEVE! So here’s the track many people remember Wilton for (certainly regular listener Mr Marshall does) …

To hear Let’s Dance Together and the whole of Show 101 go to the Gold Podcast page at Podomatic where you’ll also find several more of our recent shows CLICK HERE




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