Benny Golson, Paulette Reaves, John Handy, picked by Steve

10 10 2011

Benny Golson – The New Killer Joe Columbia Us/CBS UK 1977

A remake of a track he first recorded way back (it was written in 1959) and had become a jazz standard, In 1977 he remade it with a faster tempo and more contemporary sound for the then happening, jazz funk scene. It still retained its swing beat though and was a surprise dancefloor hit, with the UK jazz-funkers, especially.

Paulette Reaves – Jazz Freak Blue Candle (TK) Records 1977

With just the two albums and four singles on the label to her name, here she puts in a performance that suggests she was a true, seasoned pro on this Clarence Reid written and produced track. There are some real ‘names’ on it too, just listen for the’ end credits’.

John Handy – Hard Work ABC/MCA Impulse 1976

From Dallas, Texas, born John Richard Handy III, he started playing the alto sax in 1949. He moved to New York in 1958, then he lead his own jazz groups from 1959 and notably, worked with Charles Mingus on several fiery LPs from about the same time. Why do we keep on coming back to this absolute classic jazz-funk tune??

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