Steve starts show 102 with Chocolate Milk, George Duke, and Brick.

15 10 2011

Chocolate Milk ~ Let’s Go All The Way ~ RCA ~ 1981
They formed in 1974 in Memphis but soon moved to New Orleans where they became a backing band for Ace producer Allen Toussaint. In their nine year career they recorded eight albums, this being from their penultimate one entitled ‘Blue Jeans’.

George Duke ~ I Want You For Myself ~ Epic ~ 1979.

Featuring vocalist Lynn Davis, this was one of his bigger hits, reaching #23 on the US R&B chart. He’s now won six Grammy Awards and I have to tell you, he has one of the best websites of any musicians I’ve ever come across, so why not check it out at

Brick ~ Dancin’ Man ~ Bang ~ 1979.

From Atlanta, Georgia, Brick burst onto the secne with their smash hit Dazz in late 1976. I probably have more of an affinity with the ‘B’ side to this track, that was a lush, sax lead jazzy instrumental that I remember using as a music bed for a make believe radio ad, one of a few I scripted and voiced in an attempt to gain radio voiceover work.

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