Ronny Jordan/DJ Krush, Down To The Bone, and Rhythm Factory mixed by Steve

17 10 2011

Ronny Jordan/DJ Krush – So What (Ruff ‘N’ Tuff mix) 1994 Island records.

From the album Ronny Jordan Meets DJ Krush, I don’t know exactly what DJ Krush did to make this remix so different to the Ronny Jordan version, but this is one of the absolute classics of the Acid Jazz scene and previously the Modern jazz scene in it’s original version by the tune’s composer, Miles Davis.

(Couldn’t find a video of this mix – so here’s the original)

Down To The Bone – Crazy Vibes and Things GRP 2002.

Yet another track from this brilliant band, the title track of their fourth album. It’s all about the groove and the vibe!

(Darn it Mr Q has picked another track without a video – Steve what are you like!)

Rhythm Factory – African Rhythms Out Records Italy, 1992

A track I’ve played before on the show and one that’s totally frustrated me until recently. You see, the download from a certain official well known site was so horribly distorted that it made it painful to listen to, then I found this (different) version. Yippee!

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