The Strikers, Shirley Lites, and The Jets, selected by Steve

18 10 2011

The Strikers ~ Inch By Inch ~ Prelude / Epic UK ~ 1981

They made just the one album for Prelude that had two big disco hits with this and ‘Body Music’, they also released four singles for the label, so the question needs to be asked. Whatever happened to The Strikers? Remix duties here were by Francois Kevorkian.

Shirley Lites ~ Heat You Up, (Melt You Down) ~ West End US ~ 1983

Some will have you believe this is an Italo Disco track, an easy assumption to make when you look at the writers Joseph Parente, Louis Parente and Frank Fioravanti, but my guess is, it is in fact a product of Philadelphia; the same writers were involved with William DeVaughn on his single Creme de Creme and Frank Fioravanti a producer of his massive hit ‘Be thankful For What You’ve Got’. Nick Martinelli and David Todd were involved in this Shirley Lites track too. Shirley still lives in Philadelphia (so far as I can ascertain) and so far as I know is still gigging with her band Shirley Lites & Co.

The Jets ~ Crush On You ~ MCA ~ 1985

An amazing fifteen weeks on the UK charts in early 1987, making #5, this track took ages and ages to actually make the charts here. They were originally formed in 1977, the eight eldest of the seventeen children of the Wolfgramm family of Salt Lake City. This was their second biggest R&B chart hit making #4, but it faired even better on the Billboard Hot 100 attaining the #3 position.

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