Steve starts show 103 with KC & The Sunshine Band, People’s Choice, and Peter Brown

25 10 2011

KC & The Sunshine Band – That’s The Way I Like It TK US/Jayboy & TK UK.
With four number one US R&B singles to their name (this being the second), I always wondered why the US discos were sooo snooty when it came to KC & The Sunshine Band, because very few of their records ever made the US Disco charts in any substantial way. In 1975, this was one of the few records that had the fellas singing along to the lyrics, normally with a knowing smile attached. Know what I mean?

People’s Choice – Do It Anyway You Wanna Philadelphia Int. 1975.
Another number one R&B hit, this was one of the records that firmly set my DJ mould. Here you have the later Tom Moulton extended mix, which for someone like me is pure manna from heaven.

Peter Brown – Dance With Me Drive Records US/TK UK 1978.
Here’s a track I’m playing for my wife as it was one of her favourites of the time and was one of the first records I played at what was then a new residency for me and where we both worked. #5 US R&B.

CLICK HERE and check out the Gold Oddcast of Show 103




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