Matt Bianco, Harvey Mason, and Breakwater, as chosen by Paul

26 10 2011

Prepare to be uplifted …

Matt Bianco ~ Matt’s Mood ~ WEA ~ 1984
Dedicated to regular listener Neville.
The B-side of their first single “Half A Minute” and also featured on their debut album “Whose Side Are You On”. Written by band members Mark Reilly & Danny White

And here’s a bonus of the band and their story.

Harvey Mason ~ Till You Take My Love ~ Arista ~ 1977
Drummer Harvey Mason – written with David Foster, first played in show 6

Breakwater ~ Say You Love Me Girl ~ 1980
I’ve featured this track a couple of times before and it’s one of those songs that just gets better and better … and then better again! Breakwater were from Philadelphia, and formed in 1971. Say You Love Me Girl was on Arista and was co-written and produced by band member Kae Wiliams Jnr who went on to work as a writer and producer for artists including the BB&Q Band, Curtis Hairston and Phyllis Hyman. He also teamed up with Timmy Allen when Change split up to form Hi-Gloss of “You’ll Never Know” fame – another of my favourites. Here’s that great video recorded at a reunion concert after Kae died.

ANOTHER bonus – here’s the line dance!

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