One Way, Tom Tom Club, and Lakeside, selected by Steve

7 11 2011

One Way ~ Pull Fancy Dancer /Pull ~ MCA ~ 1981.
Lifted from their album ‘Fancy Dancer’ here’s track that did fairly well for the band reaching # 12 on the US R&B charts, one of thirteen top 40 R&B hits the band, in one guise or another. I don’t think this was released in the UK as a single, but I could well be wrong.

Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love Sire US/Island UK 1981.
Oh dear I appear to be stuck in a certain era today, but that’s the way the dice roll sometimes. If this is your favourite era for dance music…rejoice. This was the band’s only US R&B hit, but what a hit it was, reaching #2. They were of course a spin-off of the much better known ‘Talking Heads’, a band that was ‘going places’ at the time. #65 UK top 75.

Lakeside – Your Love Is On The One Solar 1980.
Probably known most for Fantastic Voyage, the title track of the album from which this comes, Lakeside were a band that released tracks that were right on the money for the time, as were most of the Solar releases. What a label it was!

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