Hashim, Man Parrish, and the Peech Boys mixed by Paul

8 11 2011

Hashim ~ Al-Naafiysh ~ Cutting Records US / Streetwave UK ~ 1983
Jerry Calliste Jr. aka ‘Hashim’ on Cutting Records in the 80’s is a legendary Electro Hip Hop recording artists, songwriter and producer named. Hashim’s songwriting and producing career he released a total of 12 singles. Most notably is his ‘Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)’ or as most refer to it ‘It’s Time’ which sold an estimated 2.5 million units worldwide

Man Parrish ~ Hip Hop Be Bop ~ Importe Records US / Polydor UK ~ 1982
Man Parrish speaking about Hip-Hop Be-Bop:

“I was doing ambient experimental music before–I was into Brian Eno. There was a place called the Mud Club where he’d hold court and we’d go and listen to him speak in awe. So music had to be art. That’s how I approached it–I was more interested in doing art music than pop music. When “Hip Hop” came out, people wanted me to perform it, but I hated it, it wasn’t a real song. There was no structure to it. It wasn’t real music, it was a piece of audio art. How could people be interested in that? “

Peech Boys ~ Don’t Make Me Wait ~ West End ~ 1982
The Peech Boys were made up of members: percussionist Bernard Fowler, keyboard player Michael de Benedictus, and Larry Levan.

CLICK HERE for the Gold Oddcast of Show 104




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