Soul Searchers, Mass Production, and Roy Ayers / Wayne Henderson, selected by Steve

8 11 2011

Soul Searchers ~ Blow Your Whistle ~ Sussex ~ 1974.
Now here’s something a little different and something that has a fantastic fun element attached to the funky groove, something ‘Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers’ would, along with other Washington DC based bands, bring to dancefloors in spade fulls with Go Go music. Here, you get a glimpse into the roots of that movement from one of its prime movers and shakers.

Mass Production ~ Shante ~ Cotillion US/WEA UK ~ 1980.
I remember seeing the 12” of this for the first time when DJ pal Dennis Brynner received a US promo from Fred Dove and somehow getting a feeling of it being somewhat exotic; why I would think such a thing, I really don’t have a clue. Anyhoos, this is a track we first featured when Ken ‘B’ stepped up for a ‘threesome’ quite a long way back. The band was from Norfolk, Virginia originally and Shante was from their fifth album entitled ‘Masterpiece’. #59 UK Top 75.

Roy Ayers / Wayne Henderson ~ Heat Of The Beat ~ Polydor ~ 1978.
One of a rare few nods to pure Disco from Roy Ayers, who would have thought at the time of his earlier releases that he would make such a track, along with its strings and whoop, whoops. The two were very hot property at the time in the UK, on the emerging commercial Jazz Funk scene that was fast becoming an unstoppable ‘force to be reckoned with’ on the nation’s dancefloors. # 43 UK top 75

To hear the whole show CLICK HERE




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