George Benson, Oliver Sain and Herbie Hancock selected by Steve

16 11 2011

George Benson – The World Is A Ghetto ~ WB ~ 1976
Especially for ‘king of the Disco’ down Bristol way and regular listener Des, comes this track from George’s album ‘In Flight’. I’d totally forgotten it in the 35 years between buying the album and now, even though it was probably my favourite track on the album. My memory is obviously a lost cause.

* Regular readers will know we posted the first video a couple of weeks back, Steve featured the track in the show this week and then took flack because he only played about 5 minutes – LOL – here’s the whole thing!

Oliver Sain – Booty Bumpin’ (the Double Bump) Abet Records US 1974.
Sounding very much like his largely forgotten monster funk track ‘Bus Stop’ and from the same eponymous LP, the St Louis based Oliver Sain had just the one R&B top 40 hit (in 1976 with Party Hearty), despite having many releases during his long career and writing a #1 Billboard hit for Bobby McClure ‘Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing’. Booty Bumpin’ crept in at #76 on the R&B charts.

* Can’t find a video for Booty Bumpin’ – so here’s Bus Stop – you’ll have to catch the podcast for Booty Bumpin’

Herbie Hancock – Just Around the Corner Columbia US/CBS UK.
A track that showed up on the excellent, influential UK sampler LP ‘Bitter Suite’ and was also on his album ‘Mr. Hands’. I just love the funkiness of this track and the brilliant section where Herbie thrills with an, at first, tender electric piano solo that seems totally out of context, but then builds and builds like a runaway train.

To hear the Oliver Sain track and the whole two hours of Gold Show 105 CLICK HERE for our Podomatic Podcast




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