Hudsons, Savanna and Alexander O’Neal, played by Steve

20 11 2011

Hudsons – Show Me You Care Streetwave 1982.
Produced by Morgan Khan and released on his Streetwave label, they have nothing to do with the Brit Funk band ‘Hudson People’ so far as I know. One of those tracks that somehow goes a long way to defining a certain time in UK dance music history and brings back a flood of memories to anyone who was there at the time.

Savanna – I Can’t Turn Away R&B Records 1981.
Yet another Morgan Khan production and yet another slice of classy, sassy UK urban Soul that punches above its weight. A great track for Soul radio, it didn’t quite have the umph to turn it into a massive dancefloor hit, except in the greater London area and among the Soul Mafia DJs.

Alexander O’Neal – What’s Missing Tabu Records 1985.
A Jam & Lewis production, I just love the pure passion and hurt that Alexander O’Neal manages to put into his vocal delivery on this track. He along with Jimmy ‘Jam’ Harris and Terry Lewis were one-time members of Time, a band from Minneapolis with strong ties to Prince, but Alex was expelled just prior to their signing to Warner Bros. #8 R&B US




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