Steve wraps up 106 with Sugarhill Gang, Screamin’ Tony Baxter and The Jimmy Castor Bunch.

23 11 2011

Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight (Ben Leibrand DMC remix) DMC 19??.
The words ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ spring to mind when listening to this remix of the classic rap track. It found a true commercial release as part of the Sugarhill compilation ‘The Greatest Hits of The Sugarhill Gang’ released in 1990. In 1979, the original recording was the first US top 40 record to be released in 12” format only. #4 R&B, #36 BB Hot 100, UK #3.

Screamin’ Tony Baxter – Get Up Offa That Thing (James Who) 4th & Broadway UK 1984.
Quite a departure for noted Hi-NRG producer Bobby Orlando (Bobby ‘O’), this was first released in 1982 as Tony Baxter – Screamin’ (James Who?) on Canadian label Black Sun SFAIK and has had several different nomenclatures, on different labels’ subsequent releases. In total Bobby ‘O’ has had 17 Gold and 5 Platinum releases.

Jimmy Castor Bunch – E-Man Boogie Atlantic 1974.
I defy anyone NOT to like this funky jam from the troglodyte man who boogied with Bertha Butt and survived to keep on funkin’. He’d already been in the music biz at least 15 years by the time he formed the ‘Bunch’ in 1972. The breakdown has to be one of the all-time best, simply due the way it builds and builds and builds. Brilliant!

Here’s the whole 2 hours of Gold Show 106


Tomorrow, it’s Show 107 on JFSR

Drop in and say hello!




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