Patti Labelle, Earth Wind & Fire and Band AKA played by Paul

25 11 2011

Patti Labelle ~ When Am I Going To Find True Love ~ Philadelphia Int ~ 1983
Born Patricia Louise Holt-Edwards – this is Patti LaBelle with the final track from her 6th album which was called “I’m In Love Again”. the album saw her nominated for the Best Female R&B vocal performance in the Grammys. When Am I going To Find True Love was written by Joseph B Jefferson with Charles B Simmons.

Earth Wind & Fire ~ Spread Your Love ~ Columbia/CBS ~ 1983
Taken from their 1983 “Powerlight” album, it made 57 on the US R&B chart.

Band AKA ~ Grace ~ Streetwave Epic ~ 1982
Band AKA was an American male vocal/instrumental group, who had two hits here. The first was called “Grace”, which entered the chart on 15 May 1982. It reached a high of number 41, and was in the charts for 5 weeks. Grace was written, produced and arranged by band leader James J Jarrett

CLICK HERE to hear the whole glorious two hours.
You can stream it direct or download for later.
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