Steve starts 107 with JBs, Hamilton Bohannon and Tim Cunningham.

25 11 2011

JBs ~ Givin’ Up Food For Funk ~ People Records ~ 1972
This was probably one of the first records to REALLY turn me onto funk. I’ll dedicate it to Local Saxophonist Ronnie Taylor, who was a huge James Brown Fan and once did a backflip against a wall, whilst playing along to this at an impromptu funk session, in between his band rehearsal.

Hamilton Bohannon ~ Truck Stop ~ Dakar ~ 1974
And now, for one of the very first records I ever heard in a running mix. I have to tell you that hearing this along with other tracks all mixed together was an epiphany. The course mapped out for me was clear from then on. I had to learn how to do THAT!

Tim Cunningham ~ Drastic Measures ~ Atlantic ~ 1996
Lifted from his album ‘Right Turn Only’ that’s about all I can tell you about this. Here we have some fantastic driving, urban, contemporary sounding jazz funk from someone who mis obviously a very good saxophonist.

There’s no video to this, but a great one of his daughter Sadie, dancing along to his playing at a gig, and here it is …

CLICK HERE to hear the whole glorious two hours.
You can stream it direct or download for later.
PLEASE give it a like and feel free to tell your friends.




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