Steve gets funky with Brick, Wild Cherry, and The Commodores.

28 11 2011

Brick ~ Dusic ~ Bang ~ 1977
Their follow up hit to Dazz, I always thought this was a slightly better dancer than that massive #1 R&B hit and it has that indefinable quality of being really joyous sounding, so much so, you just know they must have had a blast in the studio when they laid it down. #2 R&B USA.

Wild Cherry ~ Play That Funky Music ~ Epic ~ 1976
Yeah, I know you’ve heard this at a thousand weddings and parties by now, but there was a time when it had some cred among the funk fraternity, so much so it reached the very top spot on the US R&B chart and was there for two weeks. Here we have the rarely heard album version, which I have to say, is not quite as good as the single. Whoever did the edit pulled a master stroke. # 11 UK Oct 1976, #1 Billboard Hot 100.

Commodores ~ Brick House ~ Motown ~ 1977
I almost spat my coffee out when I couldn’t find this in the R&B chart reference book I have. I thought it must be one of their seven # ones, but no, it only made #4. I could listen to this track all day long and only get marginally bored. Absolute funk perfection.

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