Felix, Nightcrawlers and Darude mixed by Steve

30 11 2011

Felix ~ Don’t You Want Me ~ Hooj Choons ~1992
Originally out on the label Hooj Choons, it was subsequently picked up by Deconstruction and became a big hit making number six. It then went on to make the top ten on two more occasions in 1995 and 1996 on re-release. Of course, recently it was the sample used in Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta’s number four smash ‘Sweat’ that was in the top 40 for nineteen weeks.

Nightcrawlers ~ Push The Feeling On ~ 1992

A project put together by the Glasgow DJ, vocalist and producer John Reid that has had several remixes and re-releases in its time, I’m not even going to start to list them. However, one of those releases (in 1994) helped it make the coveted number one slot on the US dance chart and make the number three position in the UK Top 75 on third release in 1995.

Darude ~ Sandstorm ~ 16 inch Records, Finland / Neo records UK ~ 1999
It’s quite amazing the effect this track has on people. I’ve seen well-heeled guests on the dance floor at very posh weddings erupt , into favoured dancing dervishes and just the other night Paul and I had a lady, probably well into her sixties, really getting into it too. Quite simply a classic raving tune, although long after the Rave scene had been and gone. It was on the UK charts in Summer 200, stayed there for fifteen weeks and made number three.

Darude ~ Sandstorm





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