Paul closes 107 with North End, David McPherson and Greg Henderson.

30 11 2011

North End ~ Happy Days ~ Emergency Records ~ 1981
Featuring vocalist Michele Harris North End were Arthur Baker, Russell Presto and Tony Carbone. This was Arthur Baker’s first success after moving to New York. The b-side was Tee’s Happy and these 2 tracks are believed to have been the inspiration to Madonna’s “Holiday”.

David McPherson ~ You Can’t Stop! ~ Sam ~ 1982
Written, produced and arranged by Andre Booth and mixed by Shep Pettibone – that’s all I’ve got!

Greg Henderson ~ Dreaming ~ Rain Records ~ 1982
Originally recorded for Rain Records and then taken up by Sam, released in the UK on Greyhound and great track from 1982.

This is the last post of tracks from Show 107.

You can hear the whole of Show on our Podomatic Podcast.

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