Martine GIrault, Harlem Underground Band, and Brand New Heavies, mixed by Steve

3 12 2011

Martine GIrault – Revival Opaz Records/FFRR Records 1992.

On first hearing this sounds as if it samples the riff in ‘Sneakin’ In The Back’ by Tom Scott & the LA Express, but on closer hearing I’m not so convinced. Either way, it’s a classy, sultry piece of music that I hope you find appealing. I love it. It made the UK charts on three separate occasions in ’92 # 53, ’93 # 37 and 1997 #61.

Harlem Underground Band – Smokin’ Cheeba Cheeba Paul Winley Records US 197?.

No-one really seems to know when this track was first released, but I’d guess sometime in the 70s. Looks who’s clever…NOT. At least it doesn’t try to disguise the subject matter of the song. It would appear that George Benson was either a member sometime or worked with this band, but even that is shrouded in mystery, as none of his trademark playing can be heard.

Brand New Heavies – BNH ~ Acid Jazz ~ 1991

The opening track from their 1990 debut album on Acid Jazz ‘The Brand New Heavies’, what a statement of intent! The sort of jazzy funky groove.

The whole two hours are just waiting for you …
CLICK HERE to stream or download.




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