Alicia Myers, Living In A Box, and Lillo Thomas mixed by Steve

11 12 2011

Alicia Myers – You Get The Best From Me (Say, Say, Say) MCA 1984.
Co-written by Kevin McCord and Al Hudson (of One Way & Soul Partners) I always looked upon this as a rather sweet song and performance, certainly something different to the commercial funk that One Way would release. She had been a member of that band but went solo in 1981. #58 UK.

Living In A Box – Gatecrashing Chrysalis 1989.
Marcus Vere, Anthony Critchlow, Richard Darbyshire were the members of Living in a Box and this track was the title track from their second album. They’d burst onto the scene in 1987 with their self-titled debut LP and debut hit single. #36 UK

Interesting this is posted by the band on YouTube – click through to see their comments

Lillo Thomas – I’m In Love Capitol 1987.
Born and raised in Brooklyn he had been a successful athlete, holding a world record at 200 metres when he was just sixteen. A motoring accident in Brazil shortened his running career and he then started doing backing vocals as well as writing songs. Eventually he landed a recording contract with Capitol and had a fair amount of success. #54 UK #2 R&B (his biggest US R&B hit).

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