Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers, Inner City Jam Band and Mascara, picked by Steve

12 12 2011

Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers – Berro E Sombaro Source 1979.
A few weeks ago I played a realy early track from this band that would become one of the leading exponents of Go-Go music. Well in ’79 they had success with the R&B chart topping ‘Bustin’ Loose’ and from the album of the same name came this completely different sounding track. I love it.

Inner City Jam Band – Inner City Jam (Mambonique) Bareback 1977.
Staying in the Latin groove, here is a relatively obscure track from a band that sounds very accomplished to my ears. I can imagine dancers in New York at the time doing the Latin Hustle to this and loving every minute. On the ‘B’ side something completely different, the theme to ‘the Bob Newhart Show’. Oh well!

Well, ot looks like the only version of Mambonique has been taken down, so here’s that B-side!
If you want to hear the track CHECK OUT THE PODCAST

Mascara – Baja Oh My! US/Personal UK 1984.
Supposedly a one-off project studio band, put together by Jurgen Korduletsch and Chris Hill UK DJ extraordinaire, but somehow I can’t believe that. Jurgen had a long association with dance music via his songwriting, production, remix and arranging skills and married to Claudja Barry.
If you check out the PODCAST you’ll hear the version Steve played – Listen to the social intercourse between the horny fella and the disinterested latina on this track, it’s hilarious. First released by Timex in 1982 (different version). A Jellybean mix.

Here’s the instrumental version …





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