Phyllis Hyman, Loose Ends, and Jones Girls, chosen by Steve

17 12 2011

Phyllis Hyman – Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her Arista UK 1981.
Tucked away as a ‘B’ side to ‘You Sure look Good To Me’, here’s a slinky, sassy cut from a lady who surely had one of THE best voices in the business. Production is by Norman Connors and Chuck Jackson.

Loose Ends – Hold Tight 10 Records UK 1990.
Long after they’d had their massive soul and dance hits and tucked away as a track on their album ‘Look How Long’ comes this superbly atmospheric track from the band. One of those tracks to put on, when you’re just wanting to chill and mellow out.

Jones Girls – This Feeling’s Kiling Me PIR 1979.
Part- written but arranged and produced by Dexter Wansell from the eponymous LP ‘Jones Girls’, this track is another to heighten the mood, if and when it takes you and whatever that mood may be. It’s Pure class from a class act.

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