Sean Oliver, Pauli Carman and L.I.F.E picked by Steve

15 01 2012

Sean Oliver – The Rhythm Boomtang 1997.

With this I’ve now played five tracks from his album ‘Solitaire’ on the show and each one has been absolutely brilliant, so if you never checked it out originally, maybe now might be a good time to explore. Contrary to suggestions from listeners when I last played one of his tracks, so far as I know he is not the Sean Oliver who passed away sometime ago.

OH NO! There’s no video, so to hear it on our Podcast -link below 😉

Pauli Carman – Dial My Number Columbia 1986.

One time lead singer with the group Champaign, this Mic Murphy/David Frank (the System) produced gem was the title track and second single to be released from his debut solo LP. ~26 R&B US.

L.I.F.E – All Played Out JC/Dance Sing/Siamese Records Inc. 1986.

A big club hit for me, I had the UK release on Lovebeat Records (so much easier), always thought it was maybe Italian, but it would appear to be from New York. Oh well, back to the drawing board.





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