Mr Q presents the Detroit Emeralds, Fat Larry’s Band (FLB) and Rafael Cameron,

17 01 2012

Detroit Emeralds – Feel The Need In Me (A Tom Moulton Mix) Westbound/Atlantic 1977.
Originally out in 1972 on Janus Records and an absolute anthem for early club DJs in the UK, it was ear opening and very satisfying to get hold of this Tom Moulton extended mix, together with being a somewhat magical experience to hear the different components that made up the track compared to the fairly dense sounding original single. #22 R&B US (1972), #4 UK 1973.

Fat Larry’s Band (FLB) – Looking For Love Tonight WMOT/Fantasy 1979.
A track that probably spoke for half of the disco generation, the plaintive vocals, pounding, relentless beat and its pure uplifting qualities made this an instant dancefloor smash, even though by this time, hundreds of disco releases were vying for attention. One of my all-time Disco faves. #46 UK.

Rafael Cameron – Boogie’s Gonna Get Ya Salsoul 1981.
Written and produced by Randy Muller and taken form Cameron’s album ‘Cameron’s In Love’ I just love the sparse toughness of this exuberant track. A Guyanan by birth, Cameron moved to the USA in 1973 and this was one of his biggest ‘hits’. Maybe he’s another artist who should be better known, as he had so many great dance tracks and three US R&B top 40 hits. Sadly this wasn’t one of them.

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