Mary Jane Girls, Yvonne Elliman and Konk selected by Steve

25 01 2012

Mary Jane Girls – Candy Man Gordy US 1983.
From their debut album ‘Mary Jane Girls’, comes this, the third single to be released, a track written, arranged and produced by Rick James who had brought them together in 1979 to act as his tour backing singers. In 1982/3 he managed to secure a recording contract for them with Motown and they found instant success. # 60 UK (first hit), # 23 R&B US

Yvonne Elliman – Love Pains RSO 1979.
Probably best known for ‘If I Can’t Have You’ from the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ soundtrack, this Disco single showed her in a harder light and gained some success for her in the US clubs. She was born in Hawaii, found initial success as Mary Magdalene in ‘Jesus Chris Superstar’ in London and was a backing singer for Eric Clapton too.

Konk – Your Life Sleeping Bag 1984.
So far as I can see, this was their third single to be released. Some of the US releases had very interesting label artwork that was very much designed to look like the tag of a graffiti artist. I loved the single and used to play it all the time, usually to slightly better than average response.

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