Tom Scott & the L.A.Express, Shakatak and Spyro Gyra, chosen by Steve

25 01 2012

Tom Scott & the L.A.Express – Tom Cat Ode US 1975.
The title track from the second LP by the band, lead by Tom Scott on sax. Were this (and the following tracks) the start of the smooth Jazz movement, as such? There’s a hard funk edge to this that precludes it from being so, but maybe this and a myriad tracks like it in the ‘70s and early ‘80s were the forerunners. Tom Scott was the composer of TV themes ‘Starsky & Hutch’ and ‘Streets Of San Francisco’ and was a member of ‘The Blues Brothers’ band. What a film that was!

Shakatak – Street Walking Polydor 1981.
Especially for everyone in the chat room, our Japanese followers and regular listener Disco Des who is one of their biggest fans. A band with a phenomenal number of albums to their credit, they still perform and record to this day. # 38 UK

Spyro Gyra – Shaker Song Infinity MCA 1979.
The first single release from their self-titled debut album and therefore released prior to their smash hit ‘Morning Dance’, it has similarities to it, but still retains its own identity too. New York born Jay Beckenstein was the founder of the band and saxophonist and they too have released a fair number of albums over the course of time, their latest ‘A Foreign Affair’ being just last year.

Here’s Shaker Song and Morning Dance – enjoy!

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