West Street Mob, Herbie Hancock and Time Zone mixed by Steve

25 01 2012

West Street Mob – Break Dance ~ Electric Boogie Sugarhill 1983.
I’m kicking off today with a trio of electro tracks. With a sample taken from the Incredible Bongo Band’s Apache (maybe it was a sample of the sample from the Sugarhill Gang’s version of it), here’s yet another record that ultimately must have lead to the death of Sugarhill Records, due to the samples used and all the legal wrangles that ensued. # 64 UK

Herbie Hancock – Rockit Columbia US 1983.
And to think, many of Herbie’s Jazz-Funk fans in the UK were openly hostile towards this when it hit the streets. I’m guessing time has healed the rift, but for my own money this was Herbie on top form and truly inspired by using Grand Mixer D. ST on turntables to add a totally different dimension to the track.. I love it # 8 UK , # 6 R&B, # 1 Dance US

Time Zone – The Wild Style Celluloid US 1984.
This is one of those rare Electro records that managed to ‘swing’, a lack of which is something that has plagued music with electronic drums ever since. Just how do you get something that is metronomic to have a human feel? It ain’t easy. The track was part-written and part-produced by Afrika Bambaatta who together with Amad Henderson consisted of the band’s members for this track. #82 UK





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