Wham, Rob N Raz ft. Leila K and King Bee mixed by Steve

28 01 2012

Wham ~ Wham Rap ~ Inner Vision ~ 1982
OK if you’re an old-time DJ like me, you will remember when this first hit and how with this and debut single ‘Young Guns’ Wham was a relatively hip band. Listen to the lyrics and they’re certainly rebellious and so totally un-Wham like. Little did we realise at the time what a mega-star George Michael would turn out to be, or how popular Wham would become. #8 UK Feb 1983

Rob N Raz ft. Leila K ~ Got To Get ~ Telegram Records Stockholm/Arista ~ 1989
They, Rasmus Lindwall & Robert Watz, were an English production team, she, Leila El Kalifi, was a Swedish singer/rap artist of Moroccan decent, discovered by them at a music show. This goodtime record, so typical of much that was released at the time made # 8 in the UK.

King Bee ~ Back By Dope Demand ~ Torso Dance ~ Netherlands ~ 1990
His biggest hit, it’s another of those slightly tongue-in-cheek, goodtime tracks that had dancefloors humming back then. The fellas behind King Bee was Dutch Hip-Hop DJ ‘Allstar Fresh’ and BC Boy. #61 UK

The whole 2 hours can be yours …
CLICK HERE for the Oddcast 😉




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