Manu DiBango, Africanism, Danny Howells & Dick Trevor ft. Erire selected by Steve

29 01 2012

Manu DiBango ~ Big Blow ~ Fiesta Records, France/Decca UK ~ 1976
From the man who brought us ‘Soul Makossa’ another slice of afro infused dance music that tore up dancefloors, especially in the UK where it was lapped up by Jazz-Funk fans and club DJs in general and France his ‘adopted’ country. This has to be one of my favourite club tracks of all-time.

Africanism ~ Block Party (Q re-edit/remix) ~ Yellow Productions ~ 2000
Another slice of French dance music with jazzy undertones, this time put together by DJ Gregory, who’d started in the early 90s and established himself as a big part of the Paris House scene. Described as ‘tribal’ by one fellow DJ, I just love it for the groove, even if the same sax riff can get to be a tad tedious.

Danny Howells & Dick Trevor ft. Erire ~ Dusk Til Dawn ~ CR2 Records ~ 2004
Also known as ‘Science Department’ and this was a number 37 in the UK. I last played it about six months ago, but just had to hear it again, as the pounding beat and scratch guitar just make me wanna move. Love it!

The whole show is available to stream live or download for later.





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