Risque Rythum Team, “Little” Louie & Marc Anthony, Rhythm On The Loose, mixed by Steve

30 01 2012

Risque Rythum Team ~ 122 House ~ Chycago Connection Records ~ 1986
One of the tracks made at the very beginning of House Music (as we came to know it), you’ll find it on their 12 inch EP ‘Risque Rythum’ and the odd compilation, if you can find them.

“Little” Louie & Marc Anthony ~ Ride On The Rhythm ~ Atlantic ~ 1991
With sax by Luis Vega Snr (presumably little Louie Vega’s dad, as Luis Vega is also a pseudonym of Louie Vega?), rap by Doug Lazy, part-written by India, “Little” Louie Vega with D. Whitaker and production by Little Louie and Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez, this had a lot going for it. Marc Anthony, the lead singer on the track would later marry Jennifer Lopez in 2004. It made # 36 in the UK, # 1 US Dance chart.

Rhythm On The Loose ~ Break Of Dawn ~ The One After D Records ~ 1991
Otherwise someone called Geoff Hibbert, it took him four years to finally get into the UK charts with this track, attaining the # 36 position at its peak. What was it about dawn, that was such a magnet for titles of tracks back at the height of House? Anyone who may have been at those very special nights in Ibiza (and other places), please get in touch and let us know.





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