R.I.P. Whitney

12 02 2012

The first time I saw Whitney was at the DMC Convention at Peter Stringfellow’s Hippodrome which was probably in 1985 – I was actually working for her label at the time, but I was there with many other DJ’s who witnessed a short PA by a very young girl who was tipped for greatness. I believe it was one of her first appearances.




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12 02 2012
Tomm Hansen

March 10 1985 – London Hippodrome – 2nd International DJ Convention – other performers that night included Loose Ends, Haywoode, Grandmaster Melle Mel and Working Week (feat Juliet Roberts). Paul Rutherford (FGTH) collected the award for Best Dance Record and Eugene Wilde was voted as Tomorrow’s Superstar in the Stanton Cartridges DJ Awards 84/85. I remember Whitney Houston was announced that evening myself but cannot recall what she was singing.

12 02 2012

Thanks Tomm. I think she probably did “How Will I Know” but I can’t remember. Can you imagine an event like that now? BPM has it’s moments but that was quite a line up. I think I went to two at the Hippodrome and then on at The Royal Albert Hall – how about you?


12 02 2012
Tomm Hansen

Let’s agree upon “How Will I Know”! As a Norwegian citizen I only lived in London for one year (84/85) so this was my only DJ Convention (the others I watched on VHS and the winners also used to perform in Oslo some time after their wins – DJ Cheese & Cash Money). Picking up two SL1200’s and a Citronic SM330 within a few weeks after landing at Martin Sound & Light I spent the rest of the year searching for all the strangest 12″ I could find on my regular route around town. I have to admit on Hippodrome I was thinking “Why are all these artists here wasting my time – I came to see DJ’s do mixing and scratching”. Thinking about it being only 20 years and drunk at that time I was not really in a position to appreciate the star lineup. Can’t imagine an event like this today with so many great artists unless it will appear on television.

13 02 2012
Stevie Q of GOLD

I was there and don’t remember any of the PAs. Maybe my brain wasn’t engaged that day for some reason.

However, I do remember how fresh and pure her voice sounded on those first few singles. A quality act from the word go.

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