Voyage, Eugene Record, and Don Ray, chosen by Steve

19 07 2011

Voyage ~ Let’s Get Started ~ Sirocco Records France ~ 1982

For all the Voyage fans, of which there must have been a fair few, as they made number 1 on the dance charts with two of their albums and sold several million copies. However, this was made long after their real glory days, although it retains their ‘sound’.

Eugene Record ~ Magnetism ~ Warner Bros. Records ~ 1979

I was listening to an old compilation CD of vinyl transfers I’d made up and this came on a blew me away… something it does every time I hear it, especially the second half that just powers along relentlessly. We have played it before in the show, but that was a long time ago, so here it is again.

Don Ray ~ Standing In The Rain ~ Polydor ~ 1978

From his album ‘Garden Of Love’ a track produced by Don ray & Cerrone and for my money his best ever next to ‘Got To Have Lovin’’. For me, Don Ray was a far more acceptable side of the French produced disco material that at the time, seemed to pour out of the studios. The vocals just had more ‘soul’ to them and the rhythm a slightly less pronounced thump, thump, thump.




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